The Legacy I am

I was reading an article this morning and it said that I should be writing down my legacy.   Which bought me to the question. What is my legacy.  What am I leaving behind for my son daughters and loved ones?  Or the world for that matter?  I have always believed that I was meant for great things.   With that said so does everyone else right?  Wrong most think they are were it is my belief in being better person and pushing myself into a space to achieve it. Which is kinda what I am writing about.
After some thinking on my part and re-reading of that article I have come to realize that to some it up in one writing is such a waste.   A legacy is on going and I am leaving it one word at a time.  Which each though. With each prayer. With each person I meet.  It is the impression that is left even after I am gone.  So what is my legacy?  I would have to say it is still being established.   And it is my job to see that you see it the way it happens.  



You have to start somewhere

Some stories starts somewhere some start at the end and some start at the beginning some  just pick up right where we left off.  and truthfully I don’t even know if this story or  writing down a map of what I am thinking.  I know this! Things started changing for me couple of mouths before I started writing this. And that’s were I am starting.

It just happen to be my 35 birthday or the weekend prior to.  I lost my job.  I had been working there about three years.  And was wanting to change jobs anyway just not that way.  So at the same time I read something that changed how I was going after my next job.  Which I had no idea what it was. Nor how long it would be before I could work again.

Being out of work sucks for a guy like me. I was raised on a farm. So I am just use to doing something. So not working was just not cutting it. So I did what ever out of work person dose I sat around (Kidding). No I actually started putting in applications everywhere. Online in person. Just every where I could think of. That I thought I had something to contribute. And none were factories or warehouses. And after a week Nothing.
Standing outside at my girlfriends that Saturday night his neighbor came over to talk. We was drinking a beer and having some laughs discussing me getting a job. When the neighbor looked at me and ask if I wanted to help him. I was astonished and gladly excepted his offer.

So the next morning I went to work with the neighbors. It wasn’t as hard as work as I was use to. So that was a blessing. And I enjoyed who I was working for and they ended up paying better than the job that I lost. Actually it payed more than any job I had ever had. And I thought this is awsome.
About a week later I received another call for a job. But not any that I applied for a couple of weeks before. It was a friend from the other side of my girlfriends dad’s house. At this point I am thinking what are the chances two jobs in two weeks both paying more than the other. Neither being one that I applied for. This is great is what I was thinking. And a week later started selling cars. And that’s been almost three mouths.

Now that I look back it was an amazing set of events that took place. So at the article that I read really changed the way I approached things. The more l wanted something the faster it came. And sorry that’s were I am going to stop the story there. I hope you have enjoyed it. Thank you and have a blessed day.