I was reading an article this morning and it said that I should be writing down my legacy.   Which bought me to the question. What is my legacy.  What am I leaving behind for my son daughters and loved ones?  Or the world for that matter?  I have always believed that I was meant for great things.   With that said so does everyone else right?  Wrong most think they are were it is my belief in being better person and pushing myself into a space to achieve it. Which is kinda what I am writing about.
After some thinking on my part and re-reading of that article I have come to realize that to some it up in one writing is such a waste.   A legacy is on going and I am leaving it one word at a time.  Which each though. With each prayer. With each person I meet.  It is the impression that is left even after I am gone.  So what is my legacy?  I would have to say it is still being established.   And it is my job to see that you see it the way it happens.